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MCT Center for the Performing Arts
200 North Adams Street
Missoula ,MT 59802

Date & Time:

Sunday, September 17th '17
6:00 PM - 6:00 PM








Rita Perna – Allor
Please join Alterna’s Global Artistic Director, Rita Perna – Allor, along with Creative Team member Alyssia Dotson as they guide you through the techniques and looks that empower a client to change their style based on mood. Rita looks “Beyond the Strand” with classic, trendy, and bohemian braids as ornamental enhancement to a clients natural beauty and style. These techniques and looks will allow you to use your creativity to create endless styles and looks for clients of any age.


Heather Smith
Dedicated to empowering Beauty Industry Professionals, Heather has been supporting the growth of salons for the last 12 years. Her marketing strategies and resourceful web and media campaigns have been extremely successful in helping both the independent stylist and salons grow their business. Her stellar professional success is matched only by her personal passion and commitment to small businesses.


Leah Freeman
L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman, along with Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston, invites you to explore the dazzling world of Healing Color. From in-salon education to editorial and hair fashion design, Leah has traveled the globe as a platform artist and trainer. Explore application styles and unique placement methods that will enrich your every day color designs. Get quick tips and techniques on crafting wearable designs that you can immediately take back to your clients.


9:00am – 2:00pm 


Celebrated worldwide, Leah has been lauded by the industry as one of the Top 20 Most Recognized Colorists. Leah is known for her unique ability to identify the season’s hottest color palettes, and create powerful educational tools to inspire colorists at all levels. Discover what braiding techniques have become the new essentials for unique and creative color placement. Get the low-down on how braiding can  liven up your color placement. Discover Pinterest looks that every guest is looking for, with ease. Discover amazing techniques that will leave you inspired and ready to bring back to the salon!


Rita Perna- Allor: Alterna Global Artistic Director
With over 27 years in the beauty industry and 16 years as an Alterna professional stylist, Rita is an education authority in the world of prestige styling. A technical master with a keen eye for detail, her high-energy stage presence captivates audiences. Rita has been a creative force in the designing of Alterna’s cutting-edge collections, styling and cutting techniques, and tutorial programs. It’s simply an internationally known fact that she defies the ordinary every time she touches hair.

Alyssia Dotson: Alterna National Creative Team
As a stylist for nearly 15 years, Alyssia uses hair as her canvas bringing a distinctive aesthetic and an innovative  approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty. Her ability to blend innovation with classic designs has lead her to work alongside some  of the top beauty professionals at events such as New York Fashion Week. With a natural ability to engage an audience, she is constantly striving to educate and share her passion for the luxury brand with stylists all over the country.
Lea Freeman: L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director
Celebrated as a color authority worldwide, Leah Freeman brings nearly 20 years of exceptional beauty industry experience.  From in-salon education to editorial and hair fashion design, Leah has traveled the globe as a platform artist and trainer.  Her designs have appeared in dozens of industry publications, including Modern Salon, American Salon, Salon Today, and Behind the Chair.  She has been recognized by the professional industry as one of the Top 20 Most Recognized Colorists, and is known for building powerful educational tools to excite and inspire colorists at all levels. 
A salon owner in the Chicago area, Leah has a clear understanding of how to foster creativity, while building a successful salon business.  She was named Citizen of the Year by her community, and also recognized by her peers as a “40 Under Forty”, for outstanding achievement in her field. As L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director, she collaborates with the Global Creative Team to forecast on-trend color palettes and application techniques for the coming seasons.  She also serves as a mentor to our growing Tribe of Healing Artists, sharing her brilliant combination of passion, technical know-how, and creative vision. 
Catlin Weston: L’ANZA Advanced Healing Artist
Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston entered the world of professional hair design in 2003.  With a passion for fashion, Catlin has been the trusted Lead Stylist for the Twin Cities’ largest fashion shows, Voltage Fashion Amplified and Retro Rama, eight years running.  She traveled to New York to style Fashion Week in 2010, and supported the L’ANZA Global Creative Team at the House of HARBISON shows at New York Fashion Week in 2015.  Behind the camera, Catlin’s looks can be seen on the pages of local fashion and lifestyle magazines like, City Pages, Metro, Minnesota Bride and L'etoile.
Wherever she goes, Catlin’s first love is taking care of her clients.  Specializing in curly hair, color, event and bridal styling, Catlin’s second home is Evolution Salon, L’ANZA’s first Healing Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  
Heather Smith
Heather Smith is an advocate in helping small business grow. For 12-plus years Heather has been fortunate in having had the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion within the industry she loves, the professional beauty industry. She has been and continues to be extremely successful in helping independent stylists and salons’ grow their business through solution based revenue producing online marketing strategies via engaging, informative, and resourceful web and social media campaigns.  Her stellar professional success is matched only by her personal passion and commitment to small business. She is the President and co-owner of along with her partner Michael Reader - You can follow along on her industry focused Facebook page for resourceful ideas, tips, and helpful information at The Heather Smith Project.
Instagram: @theheathersmithproject
Facebook: The Heather Smith Project